The Divine Mother Frequency

Enlightenedhood is taking back motherhood in the name of the Divine Feminine. We believe in raising the collective vibration through embodiment of the Divine Mother Frequency. We are committed to healing ourselves, lifting up our sisters, and consciously raising the next generation while healing our Mother Earth.
We are strong. We are powerful. We are creators. We are expanding. We are healing.
We are Healed. We are Whole. We are One.

Where Motherhood Meets Spirituality

We are the village you have been seeking. A village of mothers who are healers, yogis, meditators, writers, life-long learners, and ready to make huge shifts. Our Boundless Triangle of Light represents the timeless spiritual journey of mothers everywhere. We are here to recognize that you have changed and honor all that you are.
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Motherhood opens the portal where we transform from Maiden to Mother. We recognize this shift and know there is more to our own rebirth story than we've been told.

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When tuned into the Divine Mother Frequency, we recognize that we are strong, intuitive, and in control of our own stories. We are the mother — the powerful creator of our lives.

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Heal one Heal all. We put in the work knowing it is not selfish because every part of us that we heal, heals our ancestors, our children, the collective, and our Mother Earth.

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Lighting a New Path for Spiritual Mothers

We are lighting the way for spiritual mothers who are ready to shed the old layers of the paradigms that have kept us small, unaware of our power, and untrusting of our innate gifts.
We are unlocking the secrets of our ancestors. The knowledge is in our bones, our blood-memory, the Earth, our connections to one another, and our intuition. We promise to be real, raw, and at the forefront of this movement. We are the village you have been searching for.
This collective of mothers that exude wisdom and light? You’ll only find that here.

What Our Mamas Are Saying...

"Enlightenedhood has touched me at a deep level and I am so grateful. I never thought I’d find like-minded women in my situation, trying to navigate motherhood and emerging spirituality."


“I’m so relieved and happy I found you. Enlightenedhood made me feel so connected and I’m so glad to be a part of the world you share.”


“I am grateful for Enlightenedhood. I have been craving a soul family, a tribe and community of like-minded moms.”


“I found Enlightenedhood the day after I realized I needed to find more people who were doing spiritual/mindfulness things while also navigating motherhood. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing what you do.”


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We’re moms, we get it. Time and resources are limited and we can't always attend those spiritual workshops, retreats, and goddess circles we'd like. That's why we're bringing it to you in a sacred and private way OFF social media, where you can let your woo woo flag fly in our collective of sisters from around the world.

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What is better than reading a good book? Reading one with your soul family! The Enlightenedhood Book Circle is one part book club and one part sacred circle. Each month, a new inspirational book is chosen and you will have access to unique journal activities to do along with your reading.


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