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We are your light-filled village of heart-centered souls, here to help walk you home. Our free + private community is the safe space you've been looking for to explore your spirituality.

Return Home to Your Heart

We believe that spirituality should be simple and heart-focused. Let us support you as you go inward and upward on your self-growth journey.

Dear Luna Wilde...

Get your copy of Founder Leena Lemos's new memoir through letters to her daughter, Dear Luna Wilde...

Healing Activations from the Garden
Coming Soon

Need healing, extended guidance, heart activations or want to learn to become a Keeper of the Garden? You'll be the first to know when we release our 1:1 sessions and programs.


The Enlightenedhood Podcast

Welcome to Enlightenedhood.

Enlightenedhood is a state of remembering. There comes a time on your soul journey where you start to feel call home to your true self. But in answering this call? You are not alone. You are part of a collective shift towards the light. You are part of something bigger than yourself. And that the state of Enlightenedhood.

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