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Nowhere else will you find a global community of spiritual women coming together to share wisdom, tools, and experiences with no other intention but to help us all grow as a collective.

As the #1 platform for mindful + spiritual mamas, we are here to support you on your spiritual journey as to step into who you were truly meant to be and find the tools that best fit what your soul needs to thrive.

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When you own the power of your story, you can create a life of pure magic. In this safe space, we’re here to remind you you are not alone. We give mothers a platform and a voice to speak their truth and be the guiding light for others. Join thousands of women from around the world who are vulnerably sharing their experiences of spirituality and motherhood to help us heal, learn, and grow together.


Discover the tools that help you cultivate peace, exude gratitude, and learn to be more intentional with your thoughts, language, and actions. When we make the decision to show up as the best version of ourselves and create healthy practices and boundaries, we radiate the same presence and light to others. Self-care and soul- care isn’t selfish, mama.

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While our society immediately acknowledges the birth of our children, the rebirth that happens within our own souls as mothers is never mentioned. We’re working to change that. When we live with more awareness, there is an innate pull to soul-discovery work. Some may call this spirituality or faith, but really it’s the full trust that we are part of something bigger and have more creative ownership in our lives than we are told. Being a spiritual mother is vulnerable, stigmatized, and oftentimes misunderstood, but we are the leading example that shifts the conversation and raises the collective consciousness.


Enlightenedhood™ is not your typical parenting resource. We understand that while mindfulness and spirituality are universal practices, they look a lot different when you are navigating parenthood and holding so much space for others.

We're not going to teach you how to raise your kids, but instead, how to nurture and protect that new version of you that was birthed with them.

If you're ready to own your power, rewrite your story, step into your truth as a spiritual mama and surround yourself with other women who get you on a soul level, we invite you to join our one-of-a-kind soul development community.

We've been waiting for you.

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Leena Lemos

Our Anthology of Motherhood Stories

We believe that when we share our stories, we can all heal and grow together. Meet the brave women from around the world who are vulnerably opening up about their motherhood journies and experiences with mindfulness and spirituality to help us all feel a little less alone.

Lisa Hedley: A Journey to Healing & Self-Actualization

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Chisato: Practicing What She Teaches

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Kristina Rodriguez: The Power of Intuition

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Tisha Michelle: Discovering Gifts from Grief

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Nathalie Lemos: Healing from Infertility and Loss

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Cassandra Johnson: Recognizing Her Worth

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What Our Mamas Are Saying...

"Enlightenedhood has touched me at a deep level and I am so grateful. I never thought I’d find like-minded women in my situation, trying to navigate motherhood and emerging spirituality."


“I’m so relieved and happy I found you. Enlightenedhood made me feel so connected and I’m so glad to be a part of the world you share.”


“I am grateful for Enlightenedhood. I have been craving a soul family, a tribe and community of like-minded moms.”


“I found Enlightenedhood the day after I realized I needed to find more people who were doing spiritual/mindfulness things while also navigating motherhood. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing what you do.”


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The Enlightenedhood Book Circle


What We're Reading This Month: The Alchemist

What is better than reading a good book?  Reading one with your soul family! The Enlightenedhood Book Circle is one part book club and one part sacred circle. Here, our community can read the same book, reflect upon it, and discuss it together. Each month, a new inspirational book is chosen and you will have access to unique journal activities to do along with your reading. Even better? It's all completely free!

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