Bringing Spirituality Home to You.

We believe that your spirituality should be simple and all about you. At House of Enlightenedhood, we are here to help walk you home to your highest self through activating your ancient wisdom, self-healing capabilities, and inner light.

We believe that the heart center is the portal to soul growth. We're not here to help you open your third eye or achieve ascension but go into your heart to find love, forgiveness, gratitude, and balance.

We believe that Enlightenedhood is a state of being. One where your perspective begins to expand. One where you are ready to show up and do the work. One where you are ready to recognize that there is something more.

As open channels and healers, we invite you into our house for guidance, community, and the space you need to be your own guru. Welcome home, we've been waiting for you.

Nourishing Your Garden

You have a garden in your heart. It needs nourishment and light. It is a place of release, respite, and rebirth. It is a place of connection to the Divine. It is where your Masculine and Feminine energies intertwine. And this garden? It is part of the universe that exists within you. Our channeled healing modalities help you discover and cultivate growth in your garden so you can return to your heart and bloom.

The Leaders Behind the Name


Leena Lemos

As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness through light, integrity, and empowering others to step into their highest self while stepping out of the spiritual closet.

Through her own soul growth journey, Leena has overcome domestic abuse, bullying, Postpartum Depression, and several other mental and physical health issues. In the early stages of House of Enlightenedhood (formerly Enlightenedhood), Leena realized the importance of vulnerability and sharing her self-discovery in real-time to help others find validation in their own story.

Leena channels higher realms through the Sacred Garden, the heart-space of the universe. Through this connection, Leena offers healing and guidance helping others remember the Divine within. Leena is an inspirational speaker, educator, author, and host of the Enlightenedhood podcast empowering listeners to find their voice and their way home.

Jenny Bell

Jenny Bell is bringing her knowledge of ancient wisdom into the new Earth. At the age of ten, Jenny began to question how to get closer to God/The Divine/Universe/Source. She knew that the religion she was born into didn’t possess all the answers. Jenny began a journey. She has studied religions from around the world both old and new.  This journey has brought Jenny to cast spells, become Reiki certified, join Kyle Gray’s Angel Team, pet wolves, participate in circles, and meditate in a Buddhist temple.

For over twenty years Jenny has practiced yoga, meditation, read tarot cards, and worked with the healing powers of crystals. In 2019, Jenny used the guidance of the Medical Medium as well as her own healing gifts to heal her body of Hashimoto’s and other immune-related issues. Jenny is a clear channel and communes daily with her highest self, her guardian angel and her guides.

Jenny uses her unique gifts and wisdom to guide others on their healing journeys.


Meet You In Our Spiritual Village

Plant the Seeds for Growth in Our Community Garden

The spiritual path can be a lonely one and we know first-hand how much your life can change with supportive and like-minded souls to grow with. That's why we created The Garden, our free and private spiritual community that is a safe and sacred space off of social media.

Join us to meet others from around the world on the same path to explore your spirituality, remember your ancient wisdom, and step into your highest self. Our community members also receive:

  • Exclusive content from Leena and Jenny.
  • Weekly oracle readings and channeled messages to guide you on your journey.
  • Groups for practicing oracle readings, reading books together, deciphering A Course of Miracles, learning about crystals, starseeds, and much more.
  • Activations to help you remember your ancient wisdom, step into your power and discover your true self.
  • A safe, private space, free of charge.
  • Topics to follow and contribute in such as conscious parenting, divine feminine work, and holistic health.
  • Access to an ever-growing library of spiritual resources.
  • A safe space off of traditional social media that gives you the empowerment and support to rediscover who you truly are and come home to yourself.
  • No ads, no trolling, no politics.

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