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At Enlightenedhood™️, we are dedicated to helping our community members transform their lives and connect to their best selves by supporting, inspiring, and encouraging each journey through the Triangle of Expansion. We support this self-development through collective wisdom where thought-leaders in the community share tangible and accessible spiritual and mindful education to empower our mission to raise the collective consciousness, lead the next generation, and heal the planet.

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Enlightenedhood™️ operates through the paradigm of the Triangle of Expansion, nurturing the mind, body, and soul of those committed to raising consciousness, leading the next generation, and healing the planet through mindful and spiritual development and collective wisdom. Our mission is to ignite the soul and mindful journey of every spirit, and as a beautiful ripple effect, all those who interact with them on a daily basis.

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We Created What We Lacked

As we stepped into our role as mothers, we didn't see the new type of woman we wanted to become represented anywhere. We felt a dramatic spiritual shift happening within us and felt unrecognized and under-supported in our transition into this new life chapter. By creating the sacred community we lacked and through the powerful nature of the Universe, Enlightenedhood has become a global community of mindful and spiritual women committed to personal growth and connected through divine sisterhood. We hope to continue to help each of you honor your truth, find tools to navigate your mindfulness practice, and balance your role as a mother with the new woman you are becoming, all with a little woo woo on the side

With love,

Leena Lemos | Founder

Leena Lemos


Two years before she became a mother, Leena Lemos got a download…a mindfulness subscription service for families. She let it sit on the back burner and simmer with a cup of imposter syndrome until she found herself at a crossroads at 6 months pregnant. As she worked on prepping her mind, body, and soul for motherhood, she was increasingly frustrated with the shallow rhetoric surrounding motherhood. Why was no one talking about how this new chapter ripped you open spiritually? Why was there such a narrow lens on what a mother should be?

This yearning for a deeper connection, made Leena realize there must be other like-minded women out there who felt the same. So, she built her ‘Field of Dreams’; a multimedia platform where women could share how they were rewriting motherhood stories, and using mindfulness and spirituality as tools for soul development. At just four weeks postpartum, she starting collecting stories through articles, podcast interviews, phone conversations, and social media connections…and the flood gates opened.

Knowing she had something really special, Leena quit her 9-5 job after her maternity leave ended, and dove fully into her new purpose of becoming an ambassador and permanent hype girl for the soulful mother. Using her 10+ years of experience in media and marketing, as well as her Mindfulness & Law of Attraction Coach certifications, Leena scaled Enlightenedhood to include over 30 guest authors, 46 podcast interviews, and a site viewed in over 83 countries all in under 6 months.

As she steps into her role as the leader of a global community of amazing women, Leena is looking forward to helping other mothers live authentically, find peace and light, and discover tools that will support their personal growth so they can show up as their best self every day.

Megan Horowitz

C O - C R E A T O R

Megan Horowitz joined Leena as a partner in September 2019 after the universe kept giving them signs they were meant to take this mission on together.

Her amazing credentials that include a RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Level Two Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and a ChildLight Yoga Teacher add an amazing layer of wisdom and grace to the Enlightenedhood leadership.

Since becoming a mother of two boys, Megan has found the beautiful healing work of spirituality through Womb Yoga & Divine Feminine Energy. Realizing firsthand the life changing benefits of this extraordinary practice and recognizing the positive effects it had on her parenting and life experiences, she began to feel the call to share this experience with women and mothers everywhere.

Through the Enlightenedhood platform, her goal is to help and inspire women to connect with themselves, find a sisterhood of like-minded women in this spiritual community, encourage them to work through the experience of femininity, all the while reaching towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. She feels it is truly a gift to be a part of this movement to raise the collective vibrations of womanhood.

Megan Horowitz | Co-Creator

A Sacred Online Space To Empower
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As part of our mission to uplift and empower mothers through educational support, we've created the Enlightenedhood Collective. It's your sacred community of like-minded women and an accountability partner to continue to show up every single day as your best self. For less than the cost of a yoga class, Enlightenedhood members will have exclusive access to all of the amazing features below, as well as the ability to be a part of a community built from the ground up.

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Monthly Soul Development

Go inward and upward as you take part in monthly self-development work with the women of this community for continued growth and soul-discovery in a safe space.

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Members Only Resources

24/7 access to an ever-expanding collection of videos, meditations and downloadable content to ignite your journey when you need insight, inspiration, and empowerment.

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Exclusive Course Discounts

Save 33% on our entire library of masterclass for more in-depth learning and receive special course extras throughout the year.

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A Divine Sisterhood

Here you will find no stigmas about motherhood, mindset, spirituality, or health. Period. You will have a private Facebook community for all the support you need.

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Spiritual Magazine

Receive our quarterly spiritual magazine for FREE and find wisdom, inspiration, and thought-provoking content from our team of amazing guest authors.

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FREE Access to Workshops

Enlightenedhood Collective members receive free admission to our in-person workshops, meetups, and sharing circles.


Enlightenedhood is not your typical parenting resource. It exists purely to support the soul and mindful journey of the mother, and as a beautiful ripple effect, all those who interact with her on a daily basis.

The Enlightenedhood Movement is shifting the conversation and consciousness surrounding motherhood. It recognizes the spiritual awakening that occurs when you not only give birth to another soul but also a new version of your own.

Enlightenedhood doesn’t define motherhood solely as a woman who has physically given birth to a child, but any woman who is in a nurturing and guidance position to others.

Members of the Enlightenedhood Community recognize and live by the following:

  1. Self-Care is non-negotiable
  2. Taking time for mindfulness is not selfish
  3. Mindfulness is not one-size-fits-all
  4. The mindfulness journey is not linear
  5. The only requirement is making the conscious effort each day to show up

Enlightenedhood mothers are doing the shadow work, breaking down self-limiting barriers, and putting in the conscious energy to live as their most authentic selves.

The Enlightenedhood Community doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations about postpartum, sexuality, spirituality and mental health, because we recognize the need to share our raw, un-edited journies in order to support one another in Divine Sisterhood.

We recognize that whether referred to as God, Spirit, Energy, Source, etc. we all share a universal experience.

The women of the Enlightenedhood community have let go of centuries of mistrust between women. We uplift, inspire, encourage and teach one another to raise the collective vibrations of womanhood.

We are enlightened. We are raising the vibrations of the earth and the next generation who will help us save the world.

Weekly Wisdom from Founder Leena Lemos