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Are You a Lightworker?

Leena Lemos

In your spiritual journey, you may have stumbled upon the term lightworker. Maybe you immediately resonated with the idea and maybe you’ve always felt different but not really sure why. Here’s everything you need to know about Lightworkers and signs you might be one.

What is a Light Worker?

Lightworkers are souls who have decided to be present on earth in this lifetime to fulfill a mission that usually revolves around helping others or the planet. As the planet shifts into 5D consciousness, Lightworkers are helping the collective through their own unique gifts. They have chosen the light over fear or ego.

Lightworkers may be Starseeds (souls who come from other galaxies), earth angels (human incarnate from the angel realm), or similar beings. Spiritual gurus tend to categorize Lightworkers into 10 to 12 categories including healers, those with Clair gifts, astral travelers, spacial empaths (grid keepers), and more.

Signs you may be a Lightworker

Many times when Lightworkers begin to learn more, everything that felt out of place in life starts to make sense. While there are countless ways to identify yourself as a Lightworker, here are just a few that the general collective may resonate with:

1. You want to help others

You feel as if your main motivation in life is to make a difference and make this world a better place. No matter what path, career, or life you choose, you’re guided by an innate need to serve others.

2. You feel connected to other realms

Lightworkers are highly intuitive souls who have a strong connection to Source, their guides, and the angelic realm. You understand that your relationship with these realms provides infinite support, guidance, and love.

3. You are devoted to expanding your consciousness

Once you’ve awakened, you dedicate your life to going inward, upward, and seeking higher consciousness to be more in tune with your highest self, your mission, and your gifts.

4. You feel a sense of urgency

With an inner knowing that you’re on a mission, you feel the clock ticking. You know that there is value in every moment and how you choose to spend your time and energy.

5. You’ve always felt different

When you’re an old soul, you just know. Older souls tend to have trouble connecting with their peers and low-vibe issues like gossip, violence, hate, greed, etc. This tends to make Lightworkers feel out of place and have a hard time connecting with others.

6. You have a deep knowing that you are meant for a larger purpose

You’ve always known you’re meant for something more. Something amazing. Something great. And you are. You’re part of the Army of Light, here to spread light and love to help heal and enlighten others.

7. You exude light and love

Your vibrancy, energy, and general approach to all things tend to inspire people wherever you go. You know that in order to help others find this same high frequency, you must lead by example with light.

Are you a Lightworker? Have you known or a while or are you just awakening to the idea? Let me know in the comments!

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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