Jenny Bell

Are Your Practicing Real Self Care?

I first learned of the term self-care in college while studying literature in a course where all the writing came from lesbians of color. I learned that for Audre Lorde self-care was an act of defiance. In a world that rejected her blackness and her queerness, she practiced self-care to persevere. As a young feminist, […]
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What is a Circle of Protection?

Archangel Michael has become a favorite lightbeing of mine to connect with.  I love his energy, his humor and his flaming sword.  When I first got attuned to his energy I felt hot and my husband even remarked about how red my face was afterwards.   He is a fierce kind of loving.  He is […]
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The Connection Between The Root Chakra and Pelvic Floor Injuries

After an enlightening conversation with a physical therapist, I realized that in order to heal myself from a pelvic injury I needed to work on my root chakra. I share this story to help those of you who also have issues with your pelvic floor muscles. I highly suggest seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor […]
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Mindfulness Tools to Help Lessen Postpartum Anxiety

When my daughter was born in 2010, nothing went as planned.  I had an uncomfortable pregnancy with morning sickness that lasted all day and the entire pregnancy as well as constant fatigue.  I was teaching at the time so I had the summer off. I returned to work in August. After my first day of […]
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Witchcraft Made Me Whole

Without witchcraft, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  For years, witches have remained in what we call “the broom closet” for fear of metaphorical burnings at our jobs, from our friends and even by our loved ones.  I dedicated myself to witchcraft at the age of 13 and have continued to practice aspects […]
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