Bethy Young

Bethy Young: Creating Her Own Magic

Bethy loves finding the magical moments in the day today. Together with her two wild children and her maker husband she tends to an urban homestead, runs a Forest School Co-op, homeschools, and creates tables celebrating neurodiversity. She has a passion for family rituals, self-growth, loving your unique self, and nature. Her goal is to help others live a passion-filled family life that supports their family's uniqueness and passions.
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Bethy shares with us her beautiful story of how motherhood and suffering from Postpartum Depression after the birth of her first child brought her to the incredible realization that there has to be more than this life that everyone else wants you to live. 

Through her journey, she began realizing that what she needed to be happy was more mindfulness, finding her true self, and returning to a connection to spirituality that she felt intuned to when she was younger.  

Giving us a glimpse into the magic she creates within her family life, Bethy tells us about how she found her own version of spirituality through everyday bits of magic and mindfulness. As they let go of a strict routine and the stress that caused, her family found a flow that is beautiful, real, and pure magic.  

Bethy found strength in letting go of the idea of perfection in order to step into her power. Doing this helped her to become the mother her children truly needed and the woman was meant to be.  She shares inspiring and authentic truths about what it really looks like to let go of limiting beliefs, what to do if you face resistance in this journey, and how to own your own authenticity! 

Bethy’s motherhood story can help each of us find the magic in our lives and own the authentic and truly perfect person we are already. We think you’ll find her story as inspiring as we did! 

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