Binky Bell

Binky Bell: Owning the Lightness & Darkness

Binky Bell is a homeschooling mother to 4 children and host to the Paradigm Shift Parenting Podcast. Her focus is on reclaiming the cultural narrative of motherhood through the applied practice of self-improvement. She finds it important to keep an open discussion regarding the negative influence of social media on motherhood especially considering the content we are consuming is affecting the filter through which we view our relationships with our children and spouses. Her platform and podcast opens this conversation and changes the narrative.
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Binky Bell openly shares a beautiful story of how to own her truth and find her power, she needed to accept both the lightness and darkness within her and how doing so altered the trajectory of her entire motherhood experience.

She shares a beautiful perspective on the isolation of motherhood as it enabled her to look truly at herself and begin doing inner-soul work. As she changed her foundation to allow herself to accept all that she is, both light and dark, she could cut out the noise and find a rooted system of growth.

As Binky tells us, motherhood showed her both the most beautiful and the worst parts of herself and to be truly authentic she had to own her darkness and her depths. Truly looking at herself and being committed to this journey changed her ability to excuse bad behavior. As she tells her inspirational story of learning to integrate both sides of herself, she shares how she was able to create the mental space to recognize her triggers and find the pause between the feeling and the reaction.

As a Military Wife, she shares insightful advice on base life, community, and support as well as how moms can tune out, tune in, and not add to the toxic noise that is so readily available on social media now. Her journey brought her to hosting a podcast focused on drawing awareness to the cultural narratives of motherhood that can, while intended as a joke, often justify and excuse bad behavior, for example, the coffee until cocktails culture.  Her platform, podcast, and open story begin such an important conversation on changing this narrative.

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