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What We're Reading This Month: Super Attractor

By Gabrielle Bernstein | Buy Your Copy Here

Super Attractor:  Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond your Wildest Dreams by Gabrielle Bernstein is a natural choice for our first book because Gabrielle Bernstein is an enlightened mama.  She has mastered the art of truly surrendering and co-creating her life with the universe. No matter your faith or belief system her methods can work for you.

This book is a way to remember your power. Bernstein reminds us to notice and believe in the miracles all around us. Join us in learning her tools to manifest our best lives.


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What is The Enlightenedhood Book Circle?

What is better than reading a good book?  Reading one with your soul family! The Enlightenedhood Book Circle is one part book club and one part sacred circle. Here, our community can read the same book, reflect upon it, and discuss it together.  Each month, a new inspirational book is chosen and you will have access to unique journal activities to do along with your reading.  During the reading of our month’s book, we will hold discussions. This Circle is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and deepen our relationships as a community.  

Why Read Together?

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. in Women Who Run with the Wolves writes that “stories are medicine.”  She goes on to explain that during the process of hearing or reading a story, we can connect to archetypes and learn through the character or person.  Stephen King refers to books as “portable magic.”

While reading a book, we are taken to another place by that author. But when reading a spiritual book, we are taken deeper within ourselves.  A great book, speaks to us on our soul level. We find ourselves connecting to the words as if they have come from our own heart or mind.  Our book circle strives to help you connect to the words, yourself and the rest of the community.  

Meet Jenny Bell, Your Book Circle LEader

Jenny Bell struggled to learn to read as a child, but once she figured it out she realized how magical reading can be.  She went on to study literature and earn a degree in English and used that knowledge to teach middle and high school students for thirteen years.  Jenny has studied the world’s religions, the divine feminine, alternative healing, magic, meditation, yoga, and spirituality. She resigned from teaching to coach parents in leading a more mindful life.  She created the Enlightenedhood Book Circle after being inspired by the Enlightenedhood Community. The books always on her nightstand are A New Earth and A Course in Miracles.  

You can find her personal blog here at, connect with her on Instagram and share about book circle with the hashtag #enlightenedhoodbc

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What We're Reading Next Month: How To Love

By Thich Nhat Hanh | Buy Your Copy Here

How to Love is the third title in Parallax’s Mindfulness Essentials Series of how-to titles by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, introducing beginners and reminding seasoned practitioners of the essentials of mindfulness practice. This time Nhat Hanh brings his signature clarity, compassion, and humor to the thorny question of how to love. He distills one of our strongest emotions down to four essentials: you can only love another when you feel true love for yourself; love is understanding; understanding brings compassion; deep listening and loving speech are key ways of showing our love.