Channeling The Garden + The Future of Enlightenedhood

Leena discussed her most recent spiritual evolution and what it means for this podcast and House of Enlightenedhood (formerly Enlightenedhood). After beginning automatic writing and working with Christ Consciousness, Leena started opening herself up to higher-dimensional beings and eventually visited the heart space of the universe. She shares how she’s pivoting to serve the collective, […]
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What is a Circle of Protection?

Archangel Michael has become a favorite lightbeing of mine to connect with.  I love his energy, his humor and his flaming sword.  When I first got attuned to his energy I felt hot and my husband even remarked about how red my face was afterwards.   He is a fierce kind of loving.  He is […]
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Why Social Media Age Spirituality Leaves Out Mothers

Social media is an amazing tool that can help us find our people, discover a plethora of knowledge, and engage with people from all around the world. It has given spiritual entrepreneurs a platform to spread light and help others find their purpose. While all of these things have aided in reducing the stigma around […]
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Why Your Spirituality Triggers Others

I recently posted a poll on Instagram and 100% of you shared that others were triggered by your spirituality. And honestly, I’m not surprised. Even as spirituality becomes more of an accepted part of our culture, I think it’s one of those things like veganism that rocks some core beliefs that many aren’t ready to […]
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Top Essential Oils for Meditation

Essential oils are a wonderful companion to our mindfulness journey. Our limbic system is so responsive to smells. We know that a certain smell can trigger a specific memory or evoke emotions. Does a dewy spring morning or campfire smell bring you back to a specific memory or feeling? Using that same principle, we can […]
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I Had My First Shaman Healing Session. Here’s What Happened.

I recently had an amazing Shamanic healing session in New York City and I knew I had to share. I had no idea what to expect when I rushed into the door of the Midtown studio space after my train was late, but it went beyond my wildest expectations (after my huffing and puffing calmed […]
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How Working with the Chakras can Radically Change Your Parenting 

The chakras are the 7 spiritual energy centers in our body that correspond with our physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being.  They influence all areas of our lives and understanding and opening our chakras is another way to help keep us healthy and happy!  When working with the chakras, we can work from the […]
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The One True Roadmap to Endlessly Support Your Self-Development

When we step onto a spiritual path, it can feel like we’re walking blindly, without much light to guide us. While there are so many tools out there to help us learn more about ourselves like Myers Briggs, Enneagrams, Astrology, Human Design, shadow work, and Akashic Records. These things provide a deeper sense of self, […]
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The Resurgence of Sisterhood

For centuries, sisterhood among women was sacred. It wasn’t until we had to start ratting each other out for religious persecution and witch hunts that caused a deep karmic wound of mistrust and betrayal. Until now. Do you feel the shift happening, too? The subtle pull towards joining other like-minded women? The shedding of old […]
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