What is a Circle of Protection?

Archangel Michael has become a favorite lightbeing of mine to connect with.  I love his energy, his humor and his flaming sword.  When I first got attuned to his energy I felt hot and my husband even remarked about how red my face was afterwards.   He is a fierce kind of loving.  He is […]
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Servitors: All About Thoughtform Entities

As humans we are energetic beings, we can create practically anything we want, our imagination is our only limit. Everything that exists now was first existing as a thought. So we can use our thoughts and emotions as powerful tools to aid us in our everyday lives. Our thoughts and our emotions greatly determine how […]
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Witchcraft Made Me Whole

Without witchcraft, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  For years, witches have remained in what we call “the broom closet” for fear of metaphorical burnings at our jobs, from our friends and even by our loved ones.  I dedicated myself to witchcraft at the age of 13 and have continued to practice aspects […]
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