Creating Routines and Habits That Will Serve You

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Are you ready to get closer to the ideal version of you? This four-week masterclass focuses on making simple shifts in your life to create a ritual that lights your soul and fuels your day.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Week One: Reflection and Visualization
  • Week Two: Add a new habit or upgrade and existing habit to help you get a little closer to your ideal vision
  • Week Three: Replacing a Habit that is Not Serving You
  • Week Four: Designing Your Morning Routine

Your Instructor: Emily Peters is the founder of Hol Vibe Wellness, a Kinesiologist, holistic wellness educator and essential oil guru. She loves staying active, eating veggies and pursuing natural options to support her family’s health. Emily is a mother, writer, and creator focused on pursuing a fulfilling, purposeful life, centered around family, simplicity and being present in the moment.