How to Add Awareness to Your Parenting

Leena Lemos

Our presence is most important when we are with our children. Not only are we showing them that they are loved and worthy, but we are setting an example for what it means to be present in the moment. Wondering how you can add more awareness to the moments you share with your kids? Here are a few ideas to instantly make a shift.

5 Ways to Become More Self-Aware as a Parent

Becoming aware of our actions and how we are being perceived by our children is a huge step to showing up as the best version of ourselves possible. Knowing what kind of parent you want to be and what values you want to instill in your children can help make the following shifts easier to implement in your daily life.

Put down the phone

Dr. Joe Dispenza says that when we spend time on our phones, we are living in the past. Everything you’re consuming through your screen is content, events, emails, tweets, and Instagram posts that are disconnected from the present moment. The more we live in the past, the less we are able to focus on the now and the future.

When we spend too much time on our phones not only are we embodying a past version of ourselves, but we are showing our children where our priorities lie. Show them that they are enough and more important than your device and watch the energy shift when they have your full attention.

Take a breath and beat before you speak

Parenting is hard and it can oftentimes be triggering. When we are fed up or overwhelmed, we can snap and say things that we don’t mean to our kids and our partners. Often times these words are hurtful because we are hurting. While these moments can’t be entirely avoided, we can be more intentional with our words if we stop before the lava spews out, take a second to breathe, and then choose new words that are more aligned with our highest self.

Incorporate mindfulness practices with your kids

Practicing mindfulness as a family can give you tools to honor emotions, work through hard moments, and find more zen as a unit. Showing your children the importance of mindset and presence and help you all speak the same language. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to increase self-awareness, compassion, patience, focus and more, all while decreasing stress and anxiety. With all of these amazing tools already in your child’s wheelhouse as they start to grow, imagine the strong launching pad they will have as adults.

If you need a place to start, YouTube has some great kids meditation and mindfulness exercises you can do with your family.

Exude gratitude for the chaos

When we’re too tied to the idea of what motherhood is supposed to look like, we don’t leave room to appreciate the chaos. Becoming a parent is hard, exhausting, emotionally draining, yet also empowering, beautiful, and life-changing. If we can appreciate all the amazing lessons that parenthood teaches us, we can detach ourselves from the “shoulds” and learn to love the unexpected.

Spend more time in nature

Spending time in nature with our kids…and TRULY spending time embracing its vibrations can instantly shift our awareness. Without any phones or devices, just allow yourself to be. Nature provides so many gifts for us to observe and be present. Look at the clouds, listen to the trees, smell the environment, notice the breeze on your skin…Not only do fresh air and sunshine reduce stress and give your body tons of negative ions, being in physical contact with Mother Earth helps us ground. This gives the energy of our body a strong foundation and realigns our intentions.

Add More Mindful Moments to Your Day

Awareness starts with you, but it takes practice. If you need even more ideas of simple ways to add mindfulness to your everyday life, we’ve made a free guide with nine ways you can add awareness, even as parents. Download it here and let us know how you are incorporating these tools into your routines!

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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