How Working with the Chakras can Radically Change Your Parenting 

The chakras are the 7 spiritual energy centers in our body that correspond with our physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being.  They influence all areas of our lives and understanding and opening our chakras is another way to help keep us healthy and happy! 

When working with the chakras, we can work from the bottom (or root chakra) and up to the crown of our head or we can draw attention to specific chakras where there might be blocks. Blocks can happen when we “block” feelings such as anger, don’t speak our truth, or aren’t nourishing our bodies properly. All of this can slow or impede healthy energy flow.   

Understanding the different individual chakras and the signs of blockages can really help us recognize our emotional reactions and live a more conscious life with our family. 

Within the chart below, you’ll find the chakra, where it is located in the body, how a block might show itself in our lives, and quick ways to work to open that block. Once you recognize what chakras need attention you can explore different ways to get energy flowing through.  


Chakra Sign Of blockage  Heal Affirmation 
Root (Muladhara) Unable to concentrate on the present moment, feeling restless or disconnected from yourself and your family Ditch the distractions.  As a mom, your to-do list is a mile long and multi-tasking can feel necessary but block out a part of each day JUST for the NOW.  I give my family the gift of my full attention.  
Sacral (Svadhisthana)  Not able to find the fun in motherhood and parenting  Be spontaneous. Once a week shake up the family routine and do something fun and unexpected.   My children will have fun memories of family activities.  
Solar plexus (Manipura)  Lack of confidence in your parenting skills and ability  Challenge your negative self talk.  Remind yourself that YOU are the expert of your child.   I am proud of my parenting and am open to always learning and growing.  
Heart (Anahata)  People pleasing, not taking time for self-care, acting as a martyr, being overly critical with yourself or others.   Focus on your self-care, work to develop a strong self-identity as you assess your priorities  Taking time for myself and my self care helps me to be a better parent.
Throat (Vishuddha)  Inability to express your truth, find your place in the world.  Fear of judgement  It is okay to let your inner “Mama Bear” come out for your children and yourself if the situation requires it! Be an advocate for your family!    I am Enough. For me. For my family. For my children. 
Third eye (Ajna)  Not being in touch with your motherhood intuition  Begin keeping an intuition journal.  Write down the little feelings that arise, be still, and listen to them.  As you tune in, the connection will grow slowly.   I trust my intuition and my journey.  
Crown (Sahasrara)  Over analyzing. Over thinking, Over worrying  BALANCE. Remind yourself that you are prepared, aware, and present but you can NOT control the future.  Enjoy the moment.   I may not be perfect, but I’m the exact mother my children need.  


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