Happy International Women's Day

Spreading Love to Our Community

In honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th,  we asked the women in our community to think of the strong, powerful women they know and love.  The women who build them up, support them, and encourage them. The incredible fellow mamas who remind them of their beautiful light. Those amazing women whose light is shining bright and deserve some extra love from our community are below .

We see you, we thank you, we love you.

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Meghan Long


What Courtney has to say about Meghan:

"This mama has been an incredible inspiration as she has been able to love her shadow and thrive in motherhood and sobriety these last 4 years. From house hopping through multiple sober living and affordable homes with two twin boys to being a single mom working 2 jobs and going to school, she has always kept her joy and kind heart in the midst of the most stressful situations. She is such an authentic mama and loves to play and do art with her boys. With no support from a co-parent, she has been able to balance the masculine and feminine energy her children need. She is consistent in her own self-care needs so that she can be the best mama to them and is determined to find her dream career that is able to expand her empathic and artistic gifts. She has been a support to so many in her AA groups and to fellow mamas in her workplace. I am grateful for her friendship and encouragement and for her spiritual growth and gifts she is able to share with her boys to spread that same light."

Erica Besiesda


What LisaMarie has to say about Erica:

"She is such an inspiring mama! She uses her platform to lift up other women, support small and local businesses, and educate on safer products for you and your baby. I was truly even more inspired this past December/January when she spent days fighting for our basic human rights within the government.  She doesn't only talk the talk she steps forward and fights for all people."

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Jennifer Teykaerts


What Britney has to say about Jennifer:

"Jennifer is an all-around amazing person in general and the type of strong and helpful woman anyone would want as a mother or BFF!

Jennifer is a hard worker, dedicated mom and wife, and advocate for all. She manages to take care of her family very well, hold down a full-time job and also be a very active member of our community. From leading The Vagina Monologues to coming over with coffee when you need someone to talk to, she’s holding it down for us all. I’ve always admired Jen and her ability to be so strong and supportive and also help you to believe in yourself to do the same. She’s helped me overcome a lot of obstacles in life and I’m so fortunate to now go through motherhood with her as well.

No matter where you are in life or what you are doing—Jen is 100% in it with you. I’ve never had such a genuine friend and am so thankful to continue to have her! I’m proud of all she has accomplished and continues to do by sharing her gifts with the world, most recently of starting her blog, The Realery, to share honest motherhood and life paired with her fruitful knowledge in family therapy and education. She’s setting a great example in a world that’s hiding many of the truths and giving mothers unrealistic expectations. I am excited to see her continue to build her audience and break through the highlight reel ceiling!

There’s no one more deserving of extra love for all she does for women on this coming special day in my mind than Jen! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I did her justice in this nomination to fulfill her the honor she so greatly deserves!"

Stephanie Niedziela


What Julia has to say about Stephanie:

"Steph has always been a fearless and devoted friend. And as a mom of two beautiful girls, she’s no different. She gives her all every day to make her girls beautiful, strong and confident. As a math teacher, she encourages STEM growth for girls and breaks barriers for young girls every day as a high school teacher. She encourages everyone to challenge themselves as a precious track star and current coach. She empowers young women in her own house and school every day and I am honored to be her friend!"

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What Vincent has to say about Chelsie:

"My beautiful wife. is truly the most amazing mother. she is selfless. Aria comes before her fears, her anxieties and often times her dreams. Being a mother with severe postpartum anxiety you would never tell because her strength doesn’t allow it to consume her. from long nights with a cranky sick toddler, she’s calm and loving when I know in her head she’s thinking of all the worst-case scenarios. she is the glue that holds us together. she is beautiful inside and out and I could not pick a better role model for our daughter. she’s overcome so much. with 3.5 years clean she doesn’t let her past dictate her future. she is determined and does the work to always grow to a better version of herself. she’s an enlightened mama if I ever saw one. whose dream is to enlighten and uplift other mamas."

Hayley Denker


What Liz has to say about Hayley:

"Hayley is such an inspiration to me and other women in business. She also is a big advocate for other women-owned businesses and doesn’t get nearly enough attention for her brilliance and wonderfulness. I learn from Hayley as a colleague and friend all the time and recommend her without reservation."

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Shianne Gundersen


What Jaci has to say about Shianne:

"Shianne and I were pregnant at the same time with her due date a month behind mine. We had so many similarities along the way and grew much closer during this time. Shianne lost her sweet girl a few days after giving birth and the way that she has honored her daughter this past year has been so beautiful and strong and makes me so incredibly proud to call her my friend. She has challenged the way society regards mothers who have experienced infant loss and has taught me so much with her grace and unique experience. Although Shianne and I’s idea of motherhood and our daily walk is very different, she has been such an inspiration to me as a mother and I believe she deserves to be honored and celebrated!"

Sarah Robson


What Amanda has to say about Sarah:

"This amazing Mom, Sarah, has been through so much the past 2 years. God could not have chosen a stronger Mama to be there and fight for her son and warrior Wyatt Thomas who was born with CDH. She is an amazing person, friend, and childcare director. Sarah has been through many ups and downs but somehow keeps pushing through and fighting for her son Wyatt to keep getting better and thriving at home. Sarah wasn’t ready to give up when given the news that her son would be born with CDH and Wyatt proves to be just as strong now that he is getting closer to 2 years old."

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Daryl Anderson


What Mariah has to say about Daryl:

"I’m nominating this mama because she is incredible. She is a single mother with two beautiful daughters, they are nine and seven. She works her butt off as a teacher aid for mentally challenged students at El Cajon valley high school. She also always makes time for her children and always puts them first. She understands the importance of play and she’s not afraid to get outside and get dirty with her daughters. She has a very kind soul and she deserves everything life has to offer. She is a shinny light and I love her dearly! She truly deserves this!"

Jessica Bates


What Tori has to say about Jessica:

"Jessica Bates is a mother of two, a boss woman with incredible vision and a steward of the cannabis plant. The way she conducts business is unlike anyone I've ever witnessed before. She founded Moon Mother Hemp Company with a passion for environmentally responsible farming and clean, safe, hemp-based natural products. She's committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD wellness products possible. She is changing the constructs of the typical executive team to be cohesive and supportive. She considers and protects the environment with all business decisions and practices. She is an ally and supporter of social equity, donating a portion of profits to organizations assisting communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. She does all of this while raising her two beautiful, kind, creative girls. Jessica is a woman of high integrity and that is why I am nominating her to be recognized on International Women's Day."

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Kristy Fernandez


What Felix has to say about Kristy:

"Not only is she my wonderful wife but an inspiration to our 2 sons. Every day she continues to inspire not just her family but friends and others through her passion, Conscious Parenting. She has built a website solely from scratch, garnered a solid social media following with her Facebook group, Empath Mamas overcoming lots of personal hurdles in the process as she masterfully juggles being an excellent mother and highly respected professional (at times both worlds collide as they often do). Not only does she empower others to live a more conscious lifestyle and parenting style but equips those in search of higher purpose and those with an openness to overcome any self-limitations and become an even better version of themselves. Watching her growth from a magnificent woman to wife, to mother, to inspiration to all both near and far as well as her willingness to do the inner work has been a privilege to see and I’m entirely grateful for having a front seat as her husband, confidant, and the one I get to share the rest of my life with as we continue the growth of our family unit."

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