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Jalynn Schroeder: Trusting Your Journey

Jalynn Schroeder is a wife, mom to two and has always been an entrepreneur at heart! She started and manages two incredible successful businesses, The Red Closet Diary and The Red Closet Shop. Jalynn is passionate about sharing her story and helping other women do the same. From PCOS, anxiety, diastisis recti, to most currently going through a massive spiritual awakening, she shares it all in hopes to help others not feel so alone or silenced when going through these same things.
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Jalynn shares her spiritual journey beginning with the awakening that prompted her to leave the Mormon Church, where she spent her entire life.

According to Jalynn, it was the little pieces and experiences that built up, allowing and empowering her enough to make this huge change. As she dove deep into prayer, study, and experiences she emboldened herself to step into her chosen path, a better path for herself, and for her family.

She vulnerably shares how her deep-rooted beliefs have affected her life path, her marriage, her role as a mother, and the continued healing she continues to work through.⁣ She bravely talks about the inner and outer resistance she encountered and how she stayed strong on her chosen path through it all.

Jalynn also dives deep into a conversation about the identity of mothers and why being one doesn’t come naturally to her. Hear her powerful advice for any mother who is battling internally on a path to follow her own heart.

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  • I have sat in these circles every month now for 10 years, and every circle I find I develop a deeper awareness of what it takes not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and socially, on a daily basis to live with cancer as a young adult—to feel hope in the midst of uncertainty, to keep finding meaning and purpose, to trust that people can really be there for you. It was during one of these circles that I was pierced to my core when one person made this comment: “People always say it’s a journey when you go through a cancer diagnosis. But for me it hasn’t been a journey at all. It feels like a prison I wake up in every day.”


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