Meg O'Neil

Meg O’Neill: Happiness and Connection in Postpartum

Meg O’Neill used energy work and meditation to heal postpartum anxiety and depression. After struggling for 6+ years Meg dove deep into the world of therapy and spirituality to truly tap into her authentic power. She is the mom of three kiddos — one on that autism spectrum and has learned so many beautiful lessons along the way.
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Meg shares with us the beautiful lessons she has learned while healing from postpartum anxiety and depression as she speaks honestly about connection, relationships, and living authentically.

Meg and her husband have made an inspiring choice to use breathwork, meditation, and yoga to stay connected as they parent a child on the autism spectrum.  She shares how they focus on their relationship and the strength and love it brings to their home. Creating calm and intentionally making space and time for those moments have made an incredible difference at home and with each member of her beautiful family.

Motherhood taught Meg that she has to live her own authentic truth in order to be the happiest version of herself.  She talks about the Postpartum Rage and anger she felt after the birth of her 3rd baby and shares with us the incredible work she did to bring happiness and joy back into motherhood.

She gives us a glimpse into her current powerful mindfulness practice. Touching on the importance of her yoga practice and that learning how stress impacts her body and life showed her the importance of using breath to bring her right back into her body and space. As well as how living as a sober curious individual and limiting her alcohol has shown her the incredible growth that can happen when she is able to really feel all her emotions in a productive way. Surrounding herself with powerful women, both in person and through curating her social media, gives her the confidence to recognize and proudly say, “This is her truth and her power.”

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