Mindset Changing Affirmations for Pregnancy

Leena Lemos

Pregnancy does some rouuuuugh things to your body. The surface area of your body expands in places you didn’t even know you had. Your bones grind together. Your organs are squished. And most of the time, your sense of self is completely obliterated.

I remember the first two weeks of knowing I was pregnant was like a mini joy-ride. It felt like there was a beam of light radiating out of me. I had more energy than ever and I was ready to take control over my body for the next nine months…no matter what. And then at six weeks on the dot, I threw up for the first time. And then I kept throwing up until I couldn’t even hold water down. The smell of my husband’s coffee in the morning made me puke. The thought of food made me puke. My light dimmed and was replaced by a new reality: the toilet bowl.

I would not wish severe morning (all day) sickness on my worst enemy. There is nothing worse than trying to keep it together each day, not knowing if the next second would be spent accidentally puking on a co-worker (which never happened by the way, thank goodness).

After my rough first trimester, I lost the love for the body that had begun the creation of life. I felt so disconnected from what was blossoming inside of me that I needed something to help me feel realigned and at peace with the coming of months — so I turned to affirmations. I started reminding myself that, “dude, you are literally doing something amazing and YOU need to remember that.”

After a few days of affirmations, I was looking at myself in the mirror differently, thinking differently about my changing body, and taking moments to celebrate each small victory.

Why Positive Affirmations Work

Positive affirmations are so much more than just feel good quotes and positive statements. Affirmations are short spoken statements, and often repeated, to encourage, empower, and literally re-wire your brain.

Affirmations always have 3 consistent elements:

  1. Spoken in the present tense
  2. Only include positive words
  3. Spoken as a statement of truth.

Positive affirmations truly work because your brain functions literally and in the present moment. Additionally, our brains cannot tell the difference between reality and something that is visualized. If you make affirmations a part of a daily ritual for at least seven days and I promise you will notice a difference because you are literally creating a new reality for your thoughts.

When I Practice Affirmations

For me, I do my affirmations and my visualizations at night before I got to bed. Why? The five minutes before you fall asleep are when you are closest with your subconscious, so anything you’re thinking about before you go to sleep will be entered deep into your mind. Side note: If you spend those moments with self-doubt and the what ifs, that will become your new reality — so be cautious about how you spend your time when your head is down on the pillow!

Pregnancy Affirmations

Here are five affirmations that I repeat to myself each night to help myself cope with the aches, the pains, and the sudden need to put on my pants sitting down. Feel free to create your own or steal mine — whatever will empower you to make it through. YOU GOT THIS.

  1. Every cell in my body is working to support a new and beautiful life.
  2. I am strong, patient and capable.
  3. My body is doing everything it needs to create life and keep me and my baby healthy.
  4. I hold the power of life within me.
  5. I am a beautiful goddess.
  6. It is okay that my body is changing. It is a temporary state of being.

Okay, I added six. The last one is suuuuper important. Just remember, this is only temporary.

You are doing an amazing job. You are a beautiful goddes. Keep on kicking ass.

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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