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Jalynn Schroeder: Trusting Your Journey

Jalynn shares her spiritual journey beginning with the awakening that prompted her to leave the Mormon Church, where she spent her entire life. According to Jalynn, it was the little pieces and experiences that built up, allowing and empowering her enough to make this huge change. As she dove deep into prayer, study, and experiences […]

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Ilene Mager: Choosing Kindness

Ilene shares how motherhood allowed her to pave her own way and find her own voice. Motherhood allowed her to see herself even more clearly and showed her how to gracefully let go of the need for control and surrender to the ebb and flow of raising children with the beautiful intention of love and […]

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Michelle Valenti: Living a Life of Intention

Michelle’s story of living a life of intention will fill you with inspiration to design the life you want! She gives us a glimpse of her life built around choosing fun and adventure and where it all led her. As she realized that you don’t have to choose adventure or career, she began to combine […]

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Divina Lopez: Finding Her Voice

Teaching her son mindfulness as a way to handle temper tantrums became a beautiful lesson for both mother and son as they grew through the journey together. Divina shares how she was able to use breathwork and mindfulness to release much of the pressure and judgment she placed on herself. It showed her better approaches […]

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Lisa Hedley: A Journey to Healing and Self-Actualization

Lisa opens her story by telling us about her family; she was born into South Africa’s apartheid regime, where lessons about human equality, oppression, and justice were woven into the fabric of her being. In search of a better life, her family subsequently emigrated. As a Doctor, her father held a Western & Scientific life […]

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Chisato: Practicing What She Teaches

Chisato shares with us her motherhood beautiful story, giving us a glimpse into the mindful practices she uses with her twin boys, both on the autism spectrum with mixed expressive language disorders who have a difficult time communicating verbally. She uses her knowledge and grounding skills honed as a licensed therapist and counselor to apply […]

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Kristina Raqs: The Power of Intuition

Kristina shares the incredible story of the evolution of her spiritual path from the spiritism religion, empiricism, to what her spiritual practices and beliefs have become today. She tells us about her childhood, being raised in a shame-based household where love was conditional and physical punishment was the norm, As she describes, when she had […]

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Tisha Michelle: Discovering Gifts from Grief

The loss of Tisha’s best friend shattered her to the level necessary to become open and aware of the divine truth that there is more to life than the random occurrences we all pass through. After being led to the recognition that she had a gift to tune into people’s energy and recognizing that Spirit […]

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Nathalie Lemos: Healing from Infertility and Loss

Tell me about the first few months of wanting to start a family? How long was it until you considered fertility treatments? Ahhhh. It was such a surreal and exciting time when we finally decided we were actually ready, we’ve always been ready and wanting babies since the second we met. BUT, realistically it was […]

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Cassandra Johnson: Recognizing Her Worth

We know Cassandra’s quiet strength and incredible perseverance will inspire you as much it did us.  She tells us her story of the breaking point that while reaching out for help dealing with Perinatal and Postpartum Anxiety, led her to take her power back. Cassandra shares with us how personal development coaching, spirituality, and EMDR […]

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Michelle Anne: Our Children as Our Teachers

Michelle gives us an incredible glimpse into her life as a lightworker and intuitive worker and the awe-inspiring event that propelled her into it all.  While being aware of her sight and gifts throughout her life, she experienced a channeling meditation where she was shown the complete connection between her, the Universe, and her angels […]

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Bethy Young: Creating Her Own Magic

Bethy shares with us her beautiful story of how motherhood and suffering from Postpartum Depression after the birth of her first child brought her to the incredible realization that there has to be more than this life that everyone else wants you to live.  Through her journey, she began realizing that what she needed to […]

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