Nicolle Kasch

Nicolle Kasch: The Peace and Power in Hypnobirthing

Nicolle is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, birth doula, fertility support specialist and all-around impassioned nerd surrounding topics such as fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and human rights. Since 2014 she has been helping families in Orange County, CA feel more informed, confident and empowered to achieve their goals as they welcome a new little soul into their lives. Nicolle is also a mother to two sweet and energetic boys, whose births opened the gateway to her passion for the perinatal period and find new ways to delight and challenge her daily!
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Nicolle Kasch shares with us her inspiring story of raising her children and finding her power in helping women have an empowered, positive birth experience through hypnobirthing education.

As Nicolle shares with us, she knew even from being inside of her pregnant mother’s belly that she was being primed for a life of service. Looking back, it was clear she was being pulled and guided from the Universe but her son’s birth was the catalyst that brought on a spiritual shift bigger than anything she had ever experienced.

She tells us about that incredible birthing experience and how after finding the power and strength within herself, she knew she had to answer the call to share this knowledge with other women expecting children. She felt a hunger to learn more about the hypnobirthing techniques that helped her so much during labor and the curiosity grew, like an ember that once sparked, quickly grew into the flame of a whole new life.

Nicolle tells us how important it is to change the narratives of pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood that society has framed.  She speaks about the fear surrounding labor and delivery, the feeling of unworthiness mothers can face when asking for support, the noise and pressure surrounding it all, and the practical techniques to combat this that are available to every woman.

Her refreshing view on connection and spirituality, as she focuses on mindfulness and living in the moment as a practice is a beautiful reminder of the simplicity of our practices. We can all find the incredible surges of connection between us and everything around us. In these small moments, we can be reminded of the balance available to us.

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