Empowering Your
Endless Expansion.

A New Spiritual Framework

Enlightenedhood operates through the paradigm of the Triangle of Expansion, nurturing the mind, body, and soul of those committed to raising consciousness, leading the next generation, and healing the planet through mindful and spiritual development and collective wisdom. Our mission is to ignite the soul and mindful journey of every spirit, and as a beautiful ripple effect, all those who interact with them on a daily basis.

The Triangle of Expansion

More About The Sacred Triangle of Soul Expansion

The triangle is the strongest shape in nature, with the ability to withstand pressure from all directions. The symbolism of the Sacred Triangle represents the inner strength and light you will find, cultivate, and shine while along this path towards soul discovery and expansion. As we learn from Sacred Geometry, the weight placed on any side of a triangle is also always evenly distributed, as is the importance of each step in this process. Each pivot represents equally important steps that will lead you to become the best version of yourself.  

In addition, when on our journey of personal development, that next step can oftentimes take a slightly different direction than we imagined. Yet, it is important we still make the conscious decision to pivot in order to continue to thrive and grow. The triangle represents the spiritual aspirations of choosing actions that bring us closer to the divine. Each pivot brings us to direct action and new possibilities with this ultimate goal in mind.  

We are ever-expanding beings. So, the triangle's universal lesson? You can't step into the next best version of you without owning your current truth.

The Three Pivots

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Each journey begins with a moment where you begin to feel the pull towards soul discovery. It's the recognition of truth and the ownership of your story. For some, it’s a slow gradual awareness, for others an eye-opening shift or point of ignition. The spark can happen during big life transitions such as parenthood or while navigating mental health issues. No matter how your journey began, giving yourself validation and finding empowerment in your story is the first step towards living a life of alignment.  

Understanding that you are the creator of your story and have the power to change the narrative enables you to be truly present in your experience. The Pivot of Acceptance is the acknowledgment that your story matters. You matter. As a result, you are able to look with clarity and honesty deep into your heart. Embracing the experiences that shaped you, you are able to accept yourself from a place of non-judgment.

Seeing yourself as the beautiful soul you truly are, valid, worthy, and loved is one of the most important obstacles of growth. This acknowledgment of truth enables you to take that next step into being truly present in your new reality and sense of self.

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With this awareness of truth comes a need to make a commitment to protect and continuously develop this new sense of self. You have the option to make an empowered choice to rewrite your story and cultivate the tools needed for growth. Bringing that conscious presence into your life is where real change blossoms.

As you enter The Pivot of Intentionality, you acknowledge and recognize your patterns, reactions, projections, and triggers and become intentional with your actions. You protect your energy and expand your new sense of self with mindfulness tools and practices.

This new presence will shift your reality. You will become more in tune with the real you as you peel back the onion, remove old layers, and hold space for self-care and gratitude.

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As you travel deeper, cultivating the tools you need to show up as your best self, you naturally take the graceful path into The Pivot of Light. Some may call this spirituality, for others, it's just a recognition of your larger purpose and relationship to all.

Your growth from The Pivot of Acceptance and The Pivot of Intentionality enable you to find balance and alignment within the story you choose for your life. Discovering the sacred relationship between your energy and the energy of the universe brings you to an understanding of the light and Oneness in all things. You now exude your power to live life completely by your own design.

Yet, the most beautiful part of this sacred triangle? We believe the journey to expansion is never really complete. You have traveled through the three pivots and have accepted your story, become intentional with yourself, brought in real change into your life, and become a light to yourself and others.