Sonja Thompkins

Sonja Thompkins: Owning My Absolute Truth

I’m Sonja Thompkins and I’ve lived my entire life creating and getting EVERYTHING I’ve ever truly wanted practicing the knowledge of self-awareness and the magic in universal law. After owning & operating multiple brick & mortar business beginning at the age of 18, I’ve spent the last 5 coaching and consulting female entrepreneurs on how to make it happen for themselves utilizing their own unique gifts, skill, and desires.
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Sonja knew from a young age she had a spiritual gift and was lucky enough to be taught by many of the elder women in her family about working with spiritual gifts and manifesting.  She tells us her powerful story and credits using self-awareness practices and a dedication to keeping a connection to God and Source with helping her get through Postpartum Anxiety.

She has a natural gift to share her absolute truth and let other mothers know they aren’t alone in the harsh realities of motherhood. Sonja shares her inspirational hope that women will start to honestly share vulnerable truths, let go of the comparisons, shame, and pressure society still places on mothers to be perfect and fit into a perfect box. Sonja knows that when she is tuned into herself and her center she can easily ride the ebb and flow of life and find a balance that best serves herself, her husband, and her son.

Knowing how to turn off the outside noise to stay tuned into her intuition and using that trust in herself to knock down self-limiting beliefs has helped Sonja to create 4 successful businesses as well as beautifully navigate motherhood and womanhood.  She shares her experiences so she can help other women with concrete strategies and harness the power of the universe through the incredible practice of Practical Empowerment.

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