Soul Loss: Integrating Soul Parts

Angela Lynn Brown

Soul loss is not the literal escape of your soul but it’s a way to describe when we leave pieces of ourselves in the past. Soul loss can occur whenever we have experienced trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, were shamed as children, undergo a serious operation, lose friendships relationships, or if suddenly a close friend or family member joins our friends in spirit. Soul loss is a helpful response in a traumatic moment that allows our essence to remove itself from suffering and pain momentarily, almost like a piece of our emotional response gets etched into that very moment in time. This causes soul fragmentation. The emotional fragments get stuck in that moment of time.

How can we heal from soul loss?

In order to get this piece of ourselves back, we must go back and understand why things happened the way they happened, we must take time to honor our emotions, comfort ourselves in the segment of time we were traumatized, and view this lesson from a higher perspective. Doing this will not only bring that piece of you back, but it heals your entire connection to that moment in time.

Some exercises that can help with soul loss are regression therapy, facing your fear exercises, and inner child healing.

Regression therapy is a therapeutic exercise that allows you to go back and examine past scenarios in your current life that have left a last impression on your soul. Memories of these traumatic experiences can sometimes affect our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors years after the event has happened. Regression takes you back to this space to fully explore, accept or alter the scene, and let go.

Facing your fear exercises are a great way to rid yourself of worry and fear. When you face your fears, in a way, you can become immune to them. You can look at the scary scenario right in its face and overcome the stress, anxiety, and fear that comes with the unknown. You learn to stop thinking “What if this happened?” and embrace the beautiful excitement of the unknown. Facing your fears puts anxiety in the back seat and allows your inner adventurer to come back out to experience life again.

Inner child healing is a great way to get in touch with your inner childlike joy. You can go back in time and comfort yourself in childhood during the moments you experienced trauma or felt deeply alone. In doing this you bring pieces of the childlike aspect of yourself back to life. Embracing and healing your inner child calls in more love, excitement, and creativity back into your life.. just like when you were a child.

The Symptoms of Soul Loss

From a shamanic and spiritual perspective, soul loss is a common cause of mental and physical illness. Soul loss can cause phantom pains in your body. It can cause depression, soul loss comes with a sense of “Something’s missing…” You may have physical, emotional, and mental symptoms but even doctors cannot fully explain what is going on with you physically, and usually equate the rest of the symptoms to everyday stress.

When we experience soul loss a part of our soul will remain stuck in the moment when we experienced this trauma. Soul loss is the experience of a part of us leaving, and soul retrieval is the experience of having that part of you retrieved… and it being returned to you.

Some of us feel like we are missing something, and when we cannot quite pinpoint what that is – you may try soul retrieval. Sometimes we experience soul loss as a chronic illness or face ongoing emotions such as sadness, rage, and anger.

What Steps Can I Take to Start the Process of Soul Retrieval?

You can meditate and take yourself back to the moment of trauma and point of your soul loss. You comfort yourself in your time of need to retrieve that part of your soul. When you go back to observe a traumatic event you will be reliving the moment and re-experiencing it. Your mind, thoughts, and emotions won’t know the difference between it actually happening and it as a past event, so you will feel everything again. During any type of trauma healing work, be sure to show yourself compassion during your healing. Love yourself through it, be strong, feel and heal and bring back that beautiful piece of your soul essence you left behind for temporary protection.

You can look up practitioners who provide soul retrieval sessions and book a personal session to act as guides through the process. There are many great teachers and practitioners available. For beginners, I highly recommend going to a well-reviewed practitioner to have them help guide you through the soul retrieval process. It’s always nice to have another perspective when we undergo deep healing. It helps to have someone else to talk to about your experiences

Growing from Soul Loss

Many people experience soul loss in relationships. These can be relationships with family, friends, and lovers. Soul loss can happen in traumatic times of manipulation, abuse, neglect, rejection, or judgment. It can happen when a partner leaves us without explanation or closure. It can happen when we figure out that as we trusted someone and they have lied to us or misused us with manipulative intentions. Soul Loss can even happen when our parents reject us from a young age, like when we show them a drawing to have it brushed aside or even when we get scorned for potty training or misbehaving as a young child. Our souls are very sensitive. Soul loss can be very confusing to our sensitive souls.

When you start calling back all of your soul parts with soul retrieval your entire life will change. You will wear the vibration of a newfound wholeness. You will notice you start to draw people towards you who also feel whole, healthy, joyful, and happy.

Ultimately healing trauma and practicing soul retrieval ignites deep healing, feelings of compassion and love, and can provide you with forgiveness for all past events. Coming from a place of wholeness brings healthier more meaningful and balanced relationships to you. Even the relationship with your own body will improve. After soul retrieval, we find ourselves in more moments of acceptance, grace, and peace.

Soul loss has a purpose. It helps minimize trauma in the current moment as it is happening, such as during a severe car accident so we cannot prevent it – BUT – you can heal it and retrieve that part of your soul essence after traumatic experiences. Take the time to heal and feel your emotions towards the experiences and life scenarios you have had. This will allow you to feel that wholeness again and ignite that spark of passion and joy within you once again.

You are whole in all that you feel, blessings to you on your healing journey.

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Angela Lynn Brown
Evidential Mediumship Development Guide

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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Angela Lynn Brown
Evidential Mediumship Development Guide

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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