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A Global Anthology of Mindful + Spiritual Motherhood Stories

Welcome to Soul Lift, a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" inspired project to uplift and empower spiritual mothers around the world. We are opening the conversation about how spirituality and mindfulness play a role in Motherhood.

Through this project, women are vulnerably sharing their stories that don’t fit the rhetoric we’ve been told. They’re getting real about postpartum, mental health, mindfulness, spirituality, and everything in between.

This global mission honors all motherhood truths to share journeys of women, who are using self-empowerment, mindfulness, and spirituality as a means to create their own path.

These incredible women have ignited a fire within themselves and we hope that by giving them this platform we can heal together and all feel a little less alone. There is so much power in our truth and the more we can help those who come after us, what a better world this can be.

We hope these women's courage will help you recognize your own strength and beauty with some sprinkles of inspiration, cause we could all use a Soul Lift.


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  • Anger
  • Breathwork
  • cancer
  • conscious parenting
  • divorce
  • faith
  • grief
  • Home School
  • Hypnobirthing
  • infertility
  • intentional living
  • Latinx
  • Magic
  • Meditation
  • Military Wife
  • mindfulness
  • miscarriage
  • Owning Your Voice
  • postpartum anxiety
  • postpartum depression
  • relationships
  • self-love
  • sex
  • Shamanism
  • single mom
  • social media
  • special needs
  • spiritual awakening
  • step parenting
  • teenage mom
  • trauma

Ilene Mager: Choosing Kindness

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Michelle Valenti: Living a Life of Intention

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Divina Lopez: Finding Her Voice

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Lisa Hedley: A Journey to Healing & Self-Actualization

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Chisato: Practicing What She Teaches

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Kristina Raqs: The Power of Intuition

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Tisha Michelle: Discovering Gifts from Grief

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Nathalie Lemos: Healing from Infertility and Loss

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Cassandra Johnson: Recognizing Her Worth

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Michelle Anne: Our Children as Our Teachers

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Bethy Young: Creating Her Own Magic

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Sonja Thompkins: Owning My Absolute Truth

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Binky Bell: Owning the Lightness & Darkness

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Nicolle Kasch: The Peace and Power in Hypnobirthing

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Meg O’Neill: Happiness and Connection in Postpartum

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Michelle Valenti: Chasing My Joy

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Emily Rein: Changing the Stigma of Mental Illness

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Catherine Seelie: Healing Through Shamanism

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Courtney Tiffany: Motherhood was Her Spiritual Initiation

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Helen Coultate: Our Search for a Simple, Stress-Free Life

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Trina Pettersen: Learning to Trust the Amazing Process of Life

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Alyssa Brown: Finding My Own Way to Mother

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Leila Laura: Clearing Karma

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Leena Lemos: The Death That Created Life

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Michelle Diasinos: Living Intentionally

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Elayne Woods: Uniquely Fierce

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Bethany Evans: Empowering Through Self-Awareness

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Tia Brevard: I Am in Control of My Thoughts

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Tori Rerick: I Am Resilient

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Shelley Armenta: Mindfulness is a Game Changer

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Diamonique Davis: Finding Faith in Postpartum

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Talisa Mara: Taking Moments of Breathing

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Kelly Chapman: Stepping into the “Mom” Role

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Chelsea Galaida: Overcoming Decisions Based on Fear

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Camille Busson Thompson: Your Mindset is an Asset

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Amanda Angelicá: Make a Commitment to Yourself

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Tenikca Gainey: Making Mindfulness Matter

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Cathy McKinnon: Finding Joy Through Sorrow

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Lauren Hyland: Don’t Let Your Doubts Hold You Back

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Michelle Slote: Helping Our Children Speak Their Truth

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Caitlin Dobmeier: 5 Mindfulness Lessons

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Want to add your experiences to our collection? We are on a mission to collect stories from all over the world, from all different types of motherhood experiences and truths. The more we can share the more we can help us all heal, grow, and thrive together.