Starting Your Spiritual Practice

Motherhood awakens our soul like nothing else, yet answering that call to dive into spirituality can be a little overwhelming (especially when no one acknowledges this HUGE shift happening).

Through our conversations with hundreds of spiritual mamas all around the world, we've cultivated these core practices of spirituality and now you can have the fundamental pillars, all in one place!

This 27-page guide is yours for FREE because we truly believe that spirituality should be accessible and applicable to your life no matter what.

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Leena Lemos (6)

As spiritual moms, we know first hand how hard it is to find tangible spiritual practices that acknowledge life as mom looks different than your favorite insta influencer who is tree-posin' her way through Bali. When we hold so much space for tiny humans, our priorities, time, and attention changes.

That's why we've gathered everything you need to know about becoming more spiritual without you having to research every corner of the Internet and THEN translate it into mom language.

In this 27 page guide you will learn:

  • How to discover your WHY
  • The importance of inner-work, where to start, and how to go deeper into your soul
  • Why a mindfulness practice and awareness is KEY to tapping into your intuition and leading a more spiritual life
  • 5 hacks for staying present, even when mom life seems to get in the way
  • Why you may unintentionally be living a low-vibe life and how to fix it
  • 6 ways to instantly raise your vibrations
  • Why it's important to have a sacred space to practice in your home and how to design it
  • How to cleanse the energy in your auric field and your environment
  • How to work with, leverage, and receive signs from the Universe
  • How to tap into the energy of crystals and use them for your practice
  • 4 crystals you need in your collection right now
  • How to connect with your highest self (and what that even means)
  • The definitions of spiritual jargon that you hear everywhere but may have been too scared to ask what it means
  • And so much more

So, mama, as you can see this guide HAS IT ALL. Are you ready to get spiritual?