E67: Stepping into Shamanism

On this episode of Enlightenedhood, Shaman Sita Hagenburg Kelly shares her journey to stepping into her role as a Shamanic Healer. After 14 years in the convent, Sita’s world was turned upside down. The break from monastic life caused Sita to expand her consciousness. Through healing sessions with internationally renowned Native American shaman Susan Grimaldi, Susan’s recognition and mentoring, and the help of Sita’s spiritual lineage, she began work as a shaman.

Sita gives us the play-by-play of what shamanic work actually looks like for her, how she floats between altered states of consciousness, and how she uses her practice to help heal others. Sita also offers amazing advice on how to flow with the current global pandemic.

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Meet Sita Hagenburg Kelly

Sita has a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. When she was 24, Sita became a nun at The Vedanta Society where she took final vows of renunciation (Sannyas vows) and remained in the convent for 14 years.

Entering into a shamanic state and working with guidance on behalf of others came after two significant events in her life. The first was when her spiritual teacher passed away. Sita was by his side and his spirit passed through her leaving an opening in her heart, creating space for her to connect with creation.

Soon after Sita left monastic life, the pain of leaving caused a psychological break so strong in her that, to survive, she had to expand her consciousness. This transition was the second significant event. Sita was introduced to Susan Grimaldi, an internationally renowned Native American shaman. Susan began treating Sita with shamanic healing sessions. Through Susan's recognition and mentoring, and through the help of Sita's spiritual lineage, she began work as a shaman.