Come Home
to Yourself

A New Way of Light + Soul Development

As the leading voice in spiritual motherhood, Enlightenedhood™️ supports women committed to stepping into the Divine Mother Frequency to find self-love, reclaim their power, and expand their consciousness. Through its grounded education and contemporary approach to spirituality, Enlightenedhood empowers the growth of every mother worldwide, and as a beautiful ripple effect, all those who interact with her on a daily basis.

We believe that spirituality should always be about coming home to yourself and nothing more. As a 1B dollar industry, the intention of soul development has gotten lost in the lucrative possibilities of content creation and spiritual entrepreneurship. We’re not here to give you the surface-level and sparkly version of spirituality, but instead a raw and authentic framework that celebrates the messy and non-linear human experience.

Our continuous, three-step process to growth, The Boundless Triangle, brings the ownership of spirituality back to you, all while holding space for you to trust, listen, honor, and pivot along the way.

We Are Your Sisters, Here to Help Walk You Home

The Divine Mother Frequency gives us the power and motivation to take these steps towards our healing and growth. Because this beautiful energy is universal, not divisive, or judgemental, it helps lead us back to a true sisterhood. It's this supportive village of sisters who are showing up to do the work together who will create a better world for our babies. Through an attunement to the Divine Mother Frequency, we celebrate our womanhood and grow and respect our fellow sisters for all our innate shared wisdom we see in each other.   

We can’t do the work for you, but at Enlightenedhood we will support you through it. We are your crutch, your cheerleader, and your shoulder to lean on. Through this framework, we are bringing back intention and integrity into our spiritual practices and harnessing the power that arises when we do this work together.

The Boundless Triangle

The following spiritual framework was given to Leena Lemos by her spirit team and further developed from over a year of qualitative research, speaking to mothers around the world who are on a soul development journey. 

Oftentimes, motherhood pushes us on this spiritual path through our own awareness, power, and expansion. Much like the Hero's Journey, The Boundless Triangle of Light acknowledges that throughout our evolutions, we always return home, yet are forever changed.

The best part of this framework is that it is never-ending. So, our mission? To make spirituality always about returning home to you, mama.

The Three Pivots

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Motherhood opens the portal where we transform from maiden to mother. We recognize this shift and know there is more to our own rebirth story.

While our society immediately acknowledges the birth of our children, the rebirth that happens within our own souls is never mentioned. Why is that? Why is there still such a shallow container around the identity of a mother? We’re working to change that through a shift in conversation and consciousness. We are a collective of powerful women who are here to help you become your best self. When you take back ownership in your story and your role in your soul development, you can create a life of pure magic.

 Being a spiritual mother is vulnerable, stigmatized, and oftentimes misunderstood, but we are the leading example that shifts the conversation and raises the collective consciousness towards a better world. It's time to know all of who you are, mama.

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We recognize that we are strong, intuitive, and in control of our own stories. We are the mother — the powerful creator of our lives. You are the ultimate manifestor.

As women, and especially as mothers, we give so much of our power away to outside validation, yet fail to trust our own intuition. We care too much what others think and are taught to feel so much shame around our physical experience as a woman. Motherhood gives us an infinite source of power in the ways it forever changes us. Through owning the truth of all that you are, we invite you to reignite the power within, rebirth your joy, and live life with true intention.

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Heal one, heal all. We put in the work knowing it is not selfish because every part of us that we heal, heals our ancestors, our children, the collective, and our Mother Earth.

As the anchor that connects us all, spirituality is the full trust that we are part of something bigger and have complete creative ownership in our lives. When we get to know ourselves beyond the space we’ve been taught to exist in a world of possibilities arise. Within this pivot, you've owned your role as your own guru, unlocking the ancient wisdom that is in your DNA, your womb, your energy field, and your heart.

A Grounded Approach to Self-Healing

What are the benefits of using the Triangle on your spiritual journey?
Scroll through to discover how this framework supports your growth every step of the way.

It is a framework created for women, by women. We are reclaiming spirituality in the name of the Divine Feminine and removing the patriarchy from our spiritual experience.

It promotes self-leadership + the ability to find the same inner wisdom we’ve been told can only be discovered at retreats. We’re bringing it back home to you, mama.

It doesn’t matter what your soul feels called to learn. This framework was created for you and your journey and not the modalities to help you get there.

There is no final destination on this journey or pilgrimage to find a larger purpose. Truth growth and expansion happens in small and conscious pivots.

It brings your spiritual experience back to you so you can begin to retrust your voice, power, intuition, and the ancient wisdom embedded in your DNA.

No matter how many times you evolve, the triangle is always here to guide you through your seasons and your larger spiritual awakening.