The Connection Between The Root Chakra and Pelvic Floor Injuries

Jenny Bell

After an enlightening conversation with a physical therapist, I realized that in order to heal myself from a pelvic injury I needed to work on my root chakra. I share this story to help those of you who also have issues with your pelvic floor muscles. I highly suggest seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor to get the physical advice needed and read on for the spiritual counterpart. Before I did the chakra work, my pelvis wasn’t healing.

After the birth of my son, the left side of my pelvis didn’t heal right. When I walked, I felt almost a pulling internally like the muscles were a tight rubber band. I learned from a physical therapist the left side healed up much tighter than the right. In yoga, the left side is our feminine side and right is masculine. Being a new mother for the first or fifth time really puts us in an ultra-feminine state so it made sense to me that my left side was off-balance.

I started asking the physical therapist about pelvic issues and women. She shared that so many women of different ages and many who have not had vaginal births had issues with their pelvic muscles. She explained that the issues like urine leakage and other pelvic floor issues are from too loose or too tight muscles. I then asked her why pelvic problems were so common and here is where medical science converged with spirituality for me. The physical therapist explained that when women perceive fear we tighten our pelvic muscles. So if we endure a lot of stress or anxiety, those muscles can become fatigued or even tear. I have observed this in my own body. After becoming aware of this fact, I noticed that if my child was about to fall or something happened to cause anxiety I tightened up my pelvic muscles, it is like an involuntary kegel.

How Our Root Chakra Affects Us

Our root chakra being out of balance can result in pelvic issues, lower back pain and issues with our sciatica. An unbalanced root chakra is also associated with fear and anxiety. If we are anxious then we clench the pelvic muscles which cause pelvic and back pain. Even with physical therapy, if we are still in a state of fear, worry or insecurity our pelvis cannot heal. We need to work on balancing our root chakras to heal our pelvis issues.

First, I want to share that a balanced root chakra gives us a sense of trust and safety. We feel at peace with ourselves and truly at home in our bodies. We feel connected to the world around us and unafraid to explore. The sanskrit word for this chakra is Muladhara, the color associated with it is red and the position in the body it usually is associated with is the coccyx.

Grounding activities such as being in nature through walking, hiking, or exploring help to rebalance and root us in the earth. Getting your bare feet in some warm sand or getting your hands dirty by gardening are also great activities for this chakra.

Yoga and Crystals for Root Chakra Work

Yoga is a wonderful way to rebalance our root chakra. Some specific poses to work on is the root lock or mula bandha, low yogic squats and bridges (first get the ok from your doctor).

Yoga with Adriene has two free sequences that focus on rebalancing the root chakra on youtube:

Simply wearing deep red and smelling the scents associated with this chakra can help you tune in. Some good scents to diffuse or wear are sandalwood, bergamot or patchouli. The healing crystals associated with this chakra are onyx, garnet, hematite, and smoky quartz.

Onyx: This quartz is especially valuable if you are dealing with anxiety due to uncertainty or
change in your life.

Garnet: This mineral helps us have positive thoughts and self-confidence.

Hematite: This iron ore enhances our courage, confidence, trust, and optimism.

Smoky Quartz: This quartz has the reputation of calming fears, lifting depression and is associated with a grounded sense of spirituality.

You can utilize the healing power of these stones by sleeping with them under your pillow,
wearing them in jewelry or taking a bath with them.

Meditation and Mantras

Meditating in a sukhasana or low squat position and visualizing sending roots down into the ground is a wonderful way to calm your anxiety and rebalance this chakra. Alternatively, you can meditate on the chakra space and imagine a deep red color of light there. Breathe into the chakra space and let yourself feel safe and calm.

You can even say or think the mantra: I am safe.

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🌹The other half of House of Enlightenedhood 🌈Healer & Clear Channel 📚 Lover of Learning 👼 Angel Communicator 🧙🏼Crystal & Crystal 💀 Collector 🔮Oracle & Tarot Reader 💫

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  • Thank you so much for this!! I am doing further investigation on the Root chakra, healing and trauma. As a woman, yoga teacher in training and desire to heal myself and help others to heal too. Very insightful and grounding to find this article. Be well!


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