The Power of Owning Your Truth

Leena Lemos

We hear it all the time in spiritual jargon… “step into your truth!” “honor your truth” “live your truth!” “speak from your truth” but what does that actually mean? Why are we so focused on the “truth” and how does it play a role in our growth?

What is Your Truth?

Your truth is the foundation of your entire sense of reality. It is the unspoken framework that guides you along your path. It is constructed from your identity, your values, your beliefs, your experiences and most importantly, your soul. 

What are you passionate about? What are you pulled to? What are your boundaries? What triggers you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What got you to this very moment in time? Who do you want to become? Who are you in the deepest parts of your soul?

The answers to these types of questions enable you to take your measurements as an expansive being. Once we have these mile markers, we are able to use them as indicators for growth and evolution, because, the truth? Your truth is not only the person you were, the person you are but also the person you want to become. As you transform, so does your truth.

Owning Your Truth

Owning your truth takes work, yet it is the ultimate act of self-acceptance and self-love. When we fully embrace our own story, we release the need to compare ourselves to others. As a result, we discover a new sense of motivation to put our energy into what our mind, body, and soul need to grow.

Every truth has shadows, and that’s okay. They are necessary obstacles and opportunities to learn. Owning your truth means loving the darkness, too. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of and we’ve acted in ways that aren’t in line with our highest self. Yet, to move forward, we must forgive and give grace and love to the person we were in those moments.

The Power of Your Truth

Owning your full self in its entirety propels you forward because you’re no longer relying on others, social conditioning, or self-limiting beliefs. You can acknowledge layers you’ve pulled back and old stories you’ve shed as you step into our most authentic self.

As you transform, so does your reality, your sense of self, your relationships and everything you come into contact with. Accepting your truth is the first step into a life entirely by your creation and the person you want to be.

That’s a power most people don’t even realize they have.

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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Leena Lemos
Founder of Enlightenedhood

Founder of Enlightenedhood. Spiritual Wilding. Burrito Aficionado. Friend of Plants + Animals. Star Child. Channeler + Magdalene. Podcast Host. ✨

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