E70: The Spiritual Teachings of Motherhood

On this episode of Enlightenedhood, Personal Development Advisor Lisa Hedley shares her story of navigating childhood with a spiritual out-of-body mother and a grounded three-dimensional father.

Lisa walks us through the journey of her spiritual journey and how she learned to combine the philosophies of the east with the science of the west to become a grounded and intellectually-based spiritual teacher.

Lisa also shares the beautiful ways motherhood challenges us spiritually, how we can be more intentional and conscious in our role as mothers, and how letting go of control is one of the most important things we can do.

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Meet Lisa Hedley

Lisa Hedley is a Personal Development Advisor who teaches the integration of body, mind, and spirit for self-actualization. Her holistic approach is based on her own life experience with healing on all levels, as well as education in fine arts, philosophy, transformative
learning, and Ashtanga and therapeutic yoga. Lisa provides psycho-spiritual counseling with an emphasis on ego dissolution, lifestyle revitalization, and advocacy for her clients, so they actualize their most embodied, joyful Higher Self. She believes that to live a conscious and empowered life is to embrace and love our wholeness, illuminate our inner wisdom, and foster meaning by serving a larger, more fulfilling purpose.