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Tisha Michelle: Discovering Gifts from Grief

Tisha Michelle comes from a family bloodline of Psychic abilities and practices. Tisha Michelle always knew she was gifted but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. She was not consciously aware of these gifts and abilities until the death of her best friend. Through the loss and pain, she remembered her purpose and her awakening began. As a Spiritual Guide/Teacher and Certified Hypnotist, she can help Identify and aide the individual in releasing blockages from the past and providing clear insight and tools for re-patterning, reprogramming, and healing. By tuning into your energy and connecting with your spirit guide she offers Intuitive Guidance readings to give you the tools so that you can regain clarity, connect to your authentic self, remember your purpose in life and receive a higher understanding and/or a level of healing of yourself in which that you seek. All of Tisha Michelle's insight comes from a place of non-judgment and compassion.
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The loss of Tisha’s best friend shattered her to the level necessary to become open and aware of the divine truth that there is more to life than the random occurrences we all pass through.

After being led to the recognition that she had a gift to tune into people’s energy and recognizing that Spirit was connecting to her through numbers, she began studying numerology, divine messaging, and other aspects of intuitive spirituality. The transformation has been so powerful for her as she now knows there is so much more than the limits that had been placed on her, the limits she placed on herself, and truly knows there is a higher power at work.

Tisha shares with us her growth along her motherhood journey through having her four children over 13 years and the knowledge and wisdom her spiritual transformation has brought her and them. As she beautifully says, “when we’re bringing in another life, it is a connection with the highest form of your spirituality. God and The Universe has always been with me in every single moment of my life and the biggest events were the births of my children.”

With the experience and awareness she now has, she can look back at her experiences and see the beautiful changes that happened through it led her to surrender, learn profound lessons, and find beauty in the messiness of life. Through it all she has stepped fully into her power and her gifts, finding confidence and sharing with others how to shifting from fear, finding different perspectives, and opening to love.

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