What is a Circle of Protection?

Jenny Bell

Archangel Michael has become a favorite lightbeing of mine to connect with.  I love his energy, his humor and his flaming sword.  When I first got attuned to his energy I felt hot and my husband even remarked about how red my face was afterwards.   He is a fierce kind of loving.  He is in charge of the realm of angels and takes his job of light seriously.  Recently, he came to me and told me to teach others how to protect their energy.

In this video, I show you how to do a basic daily circle of protection and then a more involved version.  The daily circle of protection is best described as the bubble Glinda rides into Munchkinland in.  It is a full sphere or egg that surrounds your whole energetic body (so it goes beyond your physical body).  This is something I do daily and have also taught my children to do.

For the other circle demonstrated here, I want to explain a little more for you.  Spheres are the most evolved shape.  Your circle is a sphere of energy that protects you from the outside influences and entities that may want to feed on your energy and vibration.  The circle keeps your energy your own and once the circle is created you can then invite in angels, deities or ascended masters.  You do not need a circle like this if you are opening your Akashic records with Linda Howe’s prayer or the Prayer of the New World.  These prayers place the circle around you.  The more involved circle is for energy work, card readings, astral travel, etc.

In the prayer I have created to make your circle, you will notice we call on the four elements as well as who are referred to as the “Watchers of the Watchtowers” or guardians to the portals of elemental energy.  These watchers are Aldebaran or Michael in the East, Regulus or Gabriel in the South, Antares or Raphael in the West and Formalhaut or Uriel in the North.


Thank you angels for gathering the pieces of my soul that may have wondered in the night, blessing them and returning them to me now.  Thank you angels (and anyone else you want to call on) for reinforcing my circle of protection around me now to keep in my (fill this in with positives like energy, happiness, balance) and keeping out the (fill this in with negatives or lower vibrations) And so it is.

I call to Air, both restless and sweet

On your breast my wings will beat

To the East Angel Michael does sit

Please make my circle combine and fit.


I call to Fire, your heat and light

In your heart life burns strong and bright

To the South Angel Gabriel does sit

Please make my circle combine and fit.


I call to Water, stream and sea

Within your great heart life came to be

To the West Angel Raphael does sit

Please make my circle combine and fit.


I all to Earth, generous and deep

In you we sow that we may reap

To the North Angel Uriel does sit

Please make my circle complete and fit.


In this circle all elements happily meet

My protective circle is now complete

(repeat three times and see your sphere)

🌹The other half of House of Enlightenedhood 🌈Healer & Clear Channel 📚 Lover of Learning 👼 Angel Communicator 🧙🏼Crystal & Crystal 💀 Collector 🔮Oracle & Tarot Reader 💫


🌹The other half of House of Enlightenedhood 🌈Healer & Clear Channel 📚 Lover of Learning 👼 Angel Communicator 🧙🏼Crystal & Crystal 💀 Collector 🔮Oracle & Tarot Reader 💫

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